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There are a few ways to book a session:

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Booking a Session with Soul Vibrations:
1. Virtual Consultation:

  • Required before your first session.

  • Book under the "Book a Session" tab.

2. Mobile Healing Space (RV):

  • We bring our fully equipped space to you (safe and accessible location required).

  • You step into the RV for your session.

  • Additional mileage fee applies.

  • Book under the "Book a Session" tab.

3. Existing Locations:

  • See the "Locations" calendar for available dates and times.

  • RSVP on the calendar to hold your slot.

  • Click the registration box and register for the date and time that you want, and then book your session from there. Or...

  • Book your desired session under the "Book a Session" tab.

  • If your desired location and date aren't available, inquire by email.

4. New Location Request:

  • Email to inquire about a desired location not on the calendar.

  • We will check availability and inform you.

  • Book your session if available under the "Book a Session" tab.

5.  Custom Location Request:

  • Inquire about holding a session at your preferred public, safe location.

  • We will assess feasibility.

6. In-Office Sessions:

  • Available on select Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in Smyrna.

  • Book under "Smyrna" in the "Book a Session" tab.

7. Additional Services:

  • We offer services for:

    • Office wellness days

    • Couples

    • Retreats

    • Rejuvenation getaways

    • Small group gatherings (families, friends, etc.)

Book your Healing Experience with Soul Vibrations!

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