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Grounding with Sound healing before clients Reiki session

Soul Vibrations

Sound Healing Practitioner, Yoni & Lingam Steam Practitioner

Welcome to Healing.


I'm Samerrha Ebun, a Compassionate Practitioner dedicated to holistic healing. Employing various modalities, I facilitate healing and am the innovator behind Reiki-charged products designed to uplift and transform the soul. Certified as a Reiki Master teacher in the Usui/Tibetan lineage and as an animal Reiki Master, I bring a wealth of expertise to my practice.

Client enjoying a fresh juice, snack and a movie while doing a Yoni steam...
Practitioner, Samerrha

In my role as a professional Life Coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner/Coach, my focus lies in assisting clients in cultivating deep self-love, recognizing their self-worth, and releasing hindrances to personal growth and happiness. I guide individuals toward achieving success in various aspects of life—be it relationships, health, wealth, or other goals—by tapping into Universal energy and applying it to their personal development.

Preparing for clients foot soak...

Around a decade ago, I encountered Reiki for the first time, marking a transformative chapter in my life. Despite always sensing a unique gift within me, I struggled to channel and protect it effectively. The introduction to Reiki became a turning point, prompting me to undergo sessions regularly during my own healing journey. Guided by this newfound knowledge, I embarked on Reiki classes to learn how to share my gift responsibly. With the completion of Reiki level 1, I began practicing on close ones, experiencing the profound joy of aiding their healing with life force energy. My journey continued, leading me to become a Reiki Master for both people and animals.

A distant Reiki and Coaching  session with a regular client...

As a Law of Attraction Practitioner/Coach, I empower clients to shift limiting thoughts and beliefs, fostering awareness of the desires they wish to manifest for their highest good.

Through spiritual and physical transformation with healing adjacents, men and women come to Loving Soul Vibrations for steams. The lingam and Yoni steams are designed for rebalancing energies within the soul and body of humans, and gives space for rejuvenation and limits inner complexities.

My work extends to identifying and clearing emotional and energetic roots of illness and disease. Utilizing an intuitive approach, I discern imbalances during sessions, aiming to unblock and clear pathways to well-being.
Soul Vibrations MobileHealing Space (Dragonfly)
Some of Soul Vibrations Healing products
Inside of Soul Vibrations Mobile Healing space...
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