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I am Samerrha, a Holistic Healer, teacher, and life coach. I am the creator of soul lifting & shifting Reiki-charged incense, scented shea butters, natural body lotion, body wash and more.  I am a certified Reiki Master teacher in Usui/Tibetan lineage, as well as  a certified animal Reiki Master.

My first time experiencing Reiki was in 2006. It was an amazing introduction to my life! I have always known I had a special gift but never really knew exactly how to nurture and safely utilize my abilities. Having a natural healing gift can be rather draining if you do not know how to cleanse and protect yourself. After being introduced to Reiki, I started to have frequent sessions during my healing and transformation process. I was later guided to take Reiki classes to better share my gift without depleting myself. After I completed Reiki level 1, I started to practice on my family members and close friends. It was so amazing! The energy I felt being able to assist the people I love with healing using life force energy. I continued my Reiki training and am now a Reiki Master for people as well as animals. 

 As a certified  Life Coach, and a Law of Attraction Practitioner / Coach, I focus on helping clients gain deep self love, knowledge of self worth, releasing all that does not serve you and that hinders your growth and happiness! I also aid in achieving great relationships, health, and wealth (among other things) by harnessing the Universal energy and applying it to your personal growth and goals.

As a Law of Attraction Practitioner/ Coach, I help empower clients to shift limiting thoughts and beliefs to create awareness around desires they want to manifest in their lives for their highest good.

My work focuses on helping clients unblock and clear emotional and energetic causes of illness and disease. I have an intuitive method and I am able to discern imbalances during sessions.

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