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Review from Brae.

"This was my second session with Samerrha. This session was more involved than the first, but I feel even better than I did yesterday after my first session. I incorporated a Yoni Steam, breath exercises, chakra balancing, and foot soak with my Reiki today. I added an exfoliating scrub to my foot soak and my feet haven't felt this good and soft since I was a child! The breath exercises allowed me to release built-up negative energy, the chakra balancing helped me to improve clarity and the Yoni Steam had me feeling tingly (in a good way) down there! Although the session was 105 minutes, it felt like it was longer. She even provided me with a snack and tea during my session! Run, don't walk to book a session with Samerrha before she gets too busy! You will not regret it and I will be back on a continuous basis. Thank you Samerrha, you are a hidden jewel among some rocks! See you soon!"

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